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Ester Vera - Attributes & Competencies

In Spain, the figure of Technical Architect is governed by a law defining the interventions of the agents in the process of building, giving to the technical architect powers imply recognition of independence, difference and autonomy in features compared to the other professionals involved in the construction process.

One of the most important functions of the Technical Architect is the direction of jobbing and is part of the Project Management, assuming the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and control of quality and quantity in construction and the quality of that built in new construction and are also widely known its attributions as a designer and project manager in new construction, rehabilitation, repair, adaptation and consolidation of constructed buildings.

Is the same speaking Technical Architect as discuss the safety and health of workers in the construction. The Technical Architect has traditionally been linked to security in the works and has become the quintessential professional who assumes the functions of "Safety and Health Coordination".

Technical Architect can perform activities such as the management of realestate process, advice on recruitment and selection of product purchase, conducting studies and financial programming promotion or monitoring and enforcement of contracts of works and supply contracts; expert reports and property valuations; reporting on the state of conservation and use of constructed buildings; judicial expert reports and certificates, quality management environment; urban planning and management.

After the Bologna Declaration (1999) for the progressive harmonization of the university systems Technical Architect also became known as "Building Engineer".

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