About Ester

About Ester Vera

In 1989, the same day the Berlin Wall fell, I was born. In Alicante, a small town on the coast Meditarranea I was taking my first steps to decide that the real focus of my life was to be architecture.

I developed my knowledge and skills at the University of Alicante. In 2013, when I finished my studies, I had a brief but rewarding relationship with the working world and I ended up understanding that I really wanted to specialize.

Interested in pathologies, problems and solutions of structures and general intervention in heritage buildings, this made me decide in 2015 to start studying a master's degree in conservation of architectural heritage at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Currently, immersed in a project of development and calculation of the structure on the Royal Garrison Church in Portsmouth using FEM, finite elements method, and ready to satisfy any commercial challenge.

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